Professional and Management Training, Consultancy, and Business Services


Professional and Management Training, Consultancy, and Business Services


 (Professional and Management Training, Consultancy, and Business Services)

PUBLIC NOTICE: Yefulkay Consultancy and Business Services has been changed to Yefulkay Professional Training and Business Services with the effect on 20th June, 2019. All documents with the old name before the change effect date still remain valid.

YPTBS is a management, consultancy, and professional training organisation set up to provide professional training, business consultancy. 

 YPTBS seeks to work with business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, investors, business organisations and individuals on management training programmes or seminars and consultancy services such as setting up of new business and general business strategies or help organisations improve performance and efficiency; and provision of publishing and secretarial or business administrative services.


Computer School / Internet Café

 Location: Jukwa Abodo Junction opp. The Muslim Mosque, Jukwa


File Management; Word Processing / Administration; Secretariat / Office Management; Graphic Design; Auto Card; Photography and Video Editing; Computer Hardware / Repairs; Computer Networking; Database and Programming; Web Site Design / Development; Information and Communication; Presentation and Power Point; Spread Sheet / Statistics and Database Analysis

Professional and Management Training

Our professional training covers the following:

  • Computer Training and Internet Café
  • Vocational Skills Training
  • SHS Remedial and Tuition for Distance Learners
  • Office Management and Administration
  1. Training and Development - (on the job training, off-the-job training, etc.)
  2. And other professional courses

In addition, this organisation provides tuition to distance learners or distance education students. There are many people who are schooling online, on site or campus by distance, and some others are also pursuing professional courses at professional bodies or institutions such as CIMA, ACCA, ICA, LCM, NVTI, etc. by distance. YPTBS helps in providing quality tuition (private classes) to all. 

YPTBS management training programme of consultancy is training activity that includes courses and workshops that focuses on improving the skills and knowledge of employers or organisations, employees, and individuals.  

The following are some of the training topics or areas:

  1. Setting up New Business - (e.g. non-profit, school, super market, etc.)
  2. Code of Ethics -  (outline of mission, values, and general rules and regulations in an organisation)


YPTBS provides a consultancy of professional advice to individuals, employers, employees, and business entities.

The consultancy is to help clients to create success by focusing on personal development or organisational development: time management, elimination of procrastination and distraction, finding clarity, decision making, and implementation of goals or putting ideas into action.

Below are some of our consultancy services:

  1. Writing of Organisational Rules and Regulations (Constitution)
  2. Web site creation and design (personal, company or business organisation, etc.)
  3. Book Publishing and Marketing - (review and editing, typing and page layout setting, etc.)
  4. Start-up Business - (business registration, newly emerge business, or fast growing business seeking to meet marketplace needs, etc.)
  5. Non-profit organisation structure and activities
  6. Research works and policy formulation - (project works, organisational policies, etc.)
  7. General business and administrative services.  

We have the ability to impart and equip the business owner, entrepreneur, professional, new or mature business areas of critical performance based on meaningful, experienced, and documented understanding of code of ethics.

Business Services

The management and consultancy activities are our business services.

In addition, we are also agents for computer dealers, stationery dealers, video and photography, and other secretarial and basic business management and administration service providers.

YCBS is business organisation that is determined to help you get establish in the business world.

Are you struggling to set up a business, or you would like to invest in other business organisations, do not worry, YCBS is ready to help you.

Our services fees are affordable, moderate, and negotiable, but we deliver in time, and quality work.